Notice is hereby given that the Convention of the Republican Party for .Nye County will be held at The Nevada Treasure RV Park in Pahrump, Nevada, on the 21st day of the month of April of the year 2018; that at the convention, delegates to the Nevada Republican State Convention will be elected, a county central committee to serve for the ensuing 2 years will be elected, and other party affairs may be considered; that delegates to such county convention were chosen at the Republican precinct meetings held in each voting precinct in the county on the 24th day of the month of March of the year 2018; and that a voting precinct is entitled to a number of delegates in proportion to the number of registered voters of the Republican Party residing in the precinct as set forth in NRS 293.133.


County Central Committee of Nye County, Nevada

By Joe Burdzinski

NCRCC Chairman

And Roxanne DeCapua

NCRCC Secretary