1. We recognize the Bill of Rights as inalienable rights untouchable by the hand of any government. Our elected officials shall respect these rights. We demand strict adherence to the Bill of Rights with no infringement of any type.
  2. We strongly resist the nationalization and/or militarization of our law enforcement agencies. We support the concept of the locally elected Constitutional County Sheriff being the highest authority of law enforcement in a community. We refuse to allow federal agencies and any non-government organizations to usurp our local county sheriff’s authority.
  3. We support less government, lower taxes, less regulation, more individual liberties and personal responsibility. We further demand open meetings for public discussion, transparency, and accountability at all levels of government. We also demand that all public policy decisions be made by accountable elected legislators, not unelected bureaucrats.
  4. We are adamantly opposed to the incorporation of our towns/communities, which increases the size, scope, and cost of government.
  5. We demand an end to illegal immigrants receiving benefits, privileges, or immunities from any local government program. We also demand that existing immigration laws be enforced. We oppose sanctuary cities. We oppose any attempt to make Nevada a sanctuary state.
  6. Juries shall be informed and educated of their duties by the judge and attorneys so that they can decide on both the law and the facts as they apply to each case they hear to ensure that justice is the main priority.
  7. We support a return to a more independent, self-sufficient society. We support self-reliance in our local communities by supporting local agriculture, utility independence, and more localized and individual solutions.
  8. Domestic necessity should always remain the highest priority of water use and for-profit use shall be inferior. We oppose new restrictions on domestic wells that infringe on our rural lifestyle. The Safe Drinking Water Act only applies to water withdrawn from the aquifer and furnished to customers; it offers no protection to domestic wells. We oppose infiltrating sewage effluent into any of our sole-source drinking water aquifers as it will degrade the quality over time. We further oppose development in Nye County that surpasses the availability of water resources within our borders.
  9. We require that the County Clerk ensures the security of the electronic and paper election results. We demand that every potential voter provide proof of residency and citizenship to register. We demand that citizens present a valid, state or federally issued photo identification card at the time of registration and voting. Further, we oppose registration on the same day as voting.
  10. We oppose government encroachment on private property rights of any kind, and we demand both the return of our rights to access public land, and the return of federal lands in Nevada to state control.
  11. Education of our children should be the responsibility of the parents of the child. The parents may choose to home school or delegate the teaching of their children to public or private school without interference by federal, state, or local authorities because the federally-mandated educational system has failed to educate our children and has not prepared them for future challenges. We support local control of education. We support school choice. We support vocational and technical education at the local and regional level, and believe such education should be open without charge to home schooled children. We support the elimination of the US Department of Education. We oppose all testing that is used for data collection, data mining, and tracking that follows a child for life. We support student loan privatization.
  12. We affirm the Second Amendment in its totality. We recognize as a God given right to keep and bear arms recognized under the U.S and Nevada Constitutions. We will defend and preserve that right against any infringements by statute, initiative, regulation, executive order, international treaty, gun registration, or permit requirement. We also believe that the age requirement of 18 years old to purchase a fire arm should not be increased.
  13. The State Water Engineer has exceeded his lawful authority on several occasions. We oppose all government officials exercising authority that has not been granted to them by law. We also oppose legislative bodies from granting carte blanche authority to any government officials. All law must be within the bounds of the Nevada State constitution.
  14. We adamantly oppose any law enforcement agency using asset forfeiture laws to seize personal property from an individual or company prior to conviction for a crime.
  15. We support President Trump’s policies to build “a wall” at the US / Mexican border in order to secure our border from drugs, human trafficking, and illegal immigrants.
  16. We support a Nevada Constitutional Amendment that provides a more equitable representation of the vast rural areas of the state along the lines of the Electoral College. Our state’s policies are being run rough shod through the rural areas by the two large metropolitan areas, Reno and Las Vegas, which do not hold the same values.


Presented by the NCRCC Platform Committee in accordance with NCRCC Convention Rule 1.4.5.

Adopted by the NCRCC membership at the April 21, 2018 Convention.