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The Republican Party is defined by the three foundational principles of: Smaller government; Lower Taxes; More personal responsibility. From these foundational “Republican Principles” the Republican Parties at county, state and national levels develop various individual “planks”, which make up the Republican “Platform”.

All registered voters are divided first into precincts (usually a few to several square blocks based upon population density), then by county districts (several precincts blocked together), then by county, and finally by state.

Involvement within the Republican Party begins with becoming a registered Republican voter. Once you’re a registered Republican voter you are encouraged to attend “precinct meetings” which are part of the “caucus” process. Every general election (even numbered) year each County Republican Central Committee (county party) holds a precinct meeting. During presidential election years there is a straw poll vote taken to determine support for each announced Republican presidential candidate.

At the precinct meetings all Republicans from each individual precinct meet together to discuss Republican issues, such as recommendations to the platform of the county party. Each precinct will also nominate and elect a Precinct Captain as well as Precinct Delegates and alternates to their County Republican Convention. The number of delegates from each precinct is determined by the number of registered Republicans and population within each precinct. Precinct delegates will also be first in line to become voting members of their respective Republican County Central Committee.

Precinct Captains are elected for a term of two years (the time between caucus precinct meetings) and have important duties to perform such as: Organize precinct volunteers in canvassing voters; Assist with registering Republicans; Assist in get out the vote drives; Keep a list of alternates to fill precinct vacancies at the County Convention and in the County Party; Keep regularly involved with the registered Republicans within their precinct throughout their term as Precinct Captain.

Once Precinct Captains, delegates and alternates are chosen from each precinct those delegates will represent their respective precinct at the upcoming Republican County Convention.

Republican County Conventions may be attended by any registered Republican from within the county but only delegates who were elected at their precinct meetings (or alternates who moved up due to delegates who are not in attendance) are eligible to vote at the County Convention. The purpose of the County Convention is to elect delegates to the Republican State Convention, to adopt a county platform, elect a County Central Committee, amend and adopt Bylaws and any other business as may properly be brought to the floor.

Delegates to the State Republican Convention are voted on by the delegates at the County Convention and whose job is to represent their respective county at the State Convention. The State Convention essentially mimics the purpose of the County Convention, however at the state level.

Additionally each County Central Committee will elect (based upon the bylaws of the specific County Central Committee, either at their County Convention or at their next Central Committee Meeting) a delegation to represent their County Central Committee at the State Central Committee level. The number of delegates from each county to the State Central Committee is based upon the number of registered Republican voters within each county.

County Central Committees meet on a regular basis and are intended to conduct the business of the Republican Party at a local (grassroots) level. Delegates from each county to the State Central Committee meet on a less frequent basis than the County Central Committees and work together to handle the business and direction of their State Central Committee.

So involvement within the Republican starts with becoming a registered Republican, then continues at the precinct level, then as a member of your County Central Committee and then, if you so desire and are successful, as a delegate to your State Central Committee, being voted in at each point starting at the precinct level.


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